About us

Greenery Map is a marijuana resource dedicated to helping people find a cannabis experience tailored to their mood and medicinal needs.

We are your cannabis concierge, breaking down our database with thousands of strains, concentrates and edibles to quickly deliver results suited to your current frame of mind, while providing suggestions for relief from a wide array of symptoms.

We give anyone from the medical marijuana patient to the newcomer and the recreational connoisseur the tools to make smarter, more informed cannabis decisions with listings of licensed dispensaries that carry what they want, all in one place.

Greenery Map is an online search engine that allows users to search for cannabis products by effects, locations, and reviews. It essentially allows the user choose their mood and provides Cannabis results best suited to their specific needs.

Greenery Map’s founder Dan Ishaki has been using marijuana for decades, but as the curious Cannabis connoisseur that he is, he wanted to be as educated as possible on different strains and how they affect him. As marijuana started becoming legal, a new world opened up for him, not only as a consumer but also as the keen businessman that he is. Dan wanted to become enmeshed in the Cannabis culture and started exploring different opportunities. He looked into becoming a grower but after researching labs around the United States, he realized there is not an adequate route to obtain data on different strains. He realized there was no clear categorization for Cannabis’ medicinal benefits and affects. Dan found the data daunting.

If he wanted something that made him euphoric and also helped his headaches, he would have to look through thousands of strains to find exactly what he was looking for. It was the same as if he was trying to find a couple of sentences in a library with thousands of books. This is how the idea of Greenery Map was first conceived. At its inception Dan designed a system for consumers like himself to easily find the Cannabis that suited their own mood. Greenery Map’s signature slogan ‘Don’t Be Confused Choose Your Mood’ was born. It was a natural next step to then add on our medicinal benefits section as Cannabis is now medically legal in almost every state.

Under our Choose Your Mood button and through our Discover Page we allow the consumer to search by up to five positive effects (Happy, Energetic, Talkative) and five medicinal effects (Fatigue, Headaches, Inflammation).

We also provide a list of all of Cannabis under Product Search. If you have something that you are looking for specifically you can search by name.

Each result, be it by Choose Your Mood or by our Product Search, we provide the following: Information on the strain including history, medicinal benefits, and affects Different flavors and scents Negative side effects someone may want to avoid Dispensaries you can purchase what you are looking for Other customers’ reviews

With the launch, we are available in California, Nevada, Colorado. We will be available in all US states where cannabis is legal for medicinal/recreational, Canada and Mexico City as we continue to move forward with our rollout and as more states go legal.

We will be launching with around a thousand dispensaries and adding new dispensaries every day. Currently, there are around 2,174 dispensaries in the United States. We will also be adding new dispensaries in each state as they each state starts to implement their programs.

We currently have 4647 strains in the app. The hash oils, CBD, and other cannabis-related products are being added as we integrate more with the dispensaries.

Any other product that is sold at a medicinal/ recreational dispensary will be on the app. The effects will change depending on the description for each product, strain, etc as they are input into our system.

For mobile apps
Leafly - #1
BlazeNow WeedMaps - #2
Eaze (Only available in California.) Delivery
Potify - Delivery in California
On the Web Weedmaps - Number 2 in traffic, but probably number 1 in brand.
Leafly - #1

The difference between us and apps like Leafly or Weedmaps is that we give consumers the tools to be able to choose their mood and what medicinal benefits they are looking for, as opposed to simply providing a list of Cannabis products with information. Doctors have given us positive feedback, explaining the usefulness of Greenery Map as a tool for patients to better understand what kind of Cannabis can help them alleviate specific symptoms. Dispensary sales-people often don’t know information on the specific medicinal benefits of Cannabis. We seek to educate people on every issue of Cannabis so that they will understand the differences of each strain. In addition we give dispensaries the power to control their own data and managed their own inventory. Additionally we are building a marketplace for all trade related to cannabis for the different Cannabis businesses all in one place.

We have a number of different customer personas, but we are targeting the recreational users that are looking to feel a certain way. We will also target medicinal users that are looking to use Cannabis to alleviate a specific ailment.

We have built out an CPC ad network on the website and the app, similar to Yelp. We will also be charging a small fee for each delivery order off of the app.

    We have four people.
  • Dan Ishaki - CEO
  • Yosef Ishaki - Sales
  • Jessie Gibson - VP of Marketing & Sales
  • Shai Shitrit - Sales & Investor
  • Five Programer
  • One Designer
  • One Programer Manager
  • Two Social Media
  • Three PR
  • One Copywriter
  • One Digital Marketing
  • Eight outdoor Sales
  • One Recruitment

Self Funded by Dan Ishaki.

We are planning on adding a better search feature using a virtual expert and conversational AI to help users find what they are looking for much easier. We are currently working on our expansion in Canada and Mexico City. We will also be availible in three languages: English, Spanish and French.

We will also be integrating with Amazon/Google/Siri voice search.