Cannabis for ADHD

ADHD is a neurodegenerative disease that makes it difficult for a person to pay attention and control their impulsive behaviors. Though it typically emerges during childhood, people of all ages suffer from this disease. Cannabis has an anti-inflammatory effect on the brain, making it a great option to treat neurodegenerative diseases, like ADHD and Alzheimer’s. It also helps patients relax and achieve high quality sleep, which is pertinent because ADHD has been linked to lack of sleep.

In addition to alleviating symptoms presented in neurodegenerative diseases, cannabis may also stop or slow down the progression of them. If you decide to use cannabis to treat your ADHD, we recommend you start slowly by educating yourself, maintaining an open mind, and remain willing to experiment with different strains until you find your perfect fit. Here are a few strains that may help:


This Sativa dominant strain (60/40) is great to use any time of day! Users report an energetic, focused, and cerebral high which sounds like the perfect recipe for putting your best foot forward. This strain is used to relieve hyperactivity and stress, which are often symptoms of ADHD.

Sour Diesel

This Sativa dominant strain  (90/10) is great for an invigorating wake-and-bake session. Users have reported a cerebral, creative, euphoric high that helps them focus on the day ahead. Outside of treating ADHD, this strain is commonly used to relieve stress, symptoms of Bipolar Disorder, and migraines as well.

True OG

This Indica dominant strain (70/30) is not recommended for users who are new to the Cannabis world or with low tolerances, due to high THC content. If you are a seasoned Cannabis user, you may experience a focused, euphoric, relaxing high with this strain. It may also relieve insomnia, symptoms of PTSD, and chronic pain.

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