Mexican Cannabis Market Brought to You by CannaMexico and CannabiSalud

CannaMexico and CannabiSalud Bring New Research and Ideas to the Cannabis Industry

The Latin American region plays an essential role in the cannabis market. Uruguay is one of the first countries that legalized medical marijuana, and it is no surprise that some of the leading cannabis conferences, CannaMexico and CannabiSalud, are held in Mexico.

CannabiSalud Symposium: Developing Knowledge & Practice of Medicinal Cannabis

According to Fundacion CANNA, CannabiSalud 2018 “was the second symposium for health professionals that brought together leading researchers, doctors and health caregivers, non-profit organizations, activists and companies with their Mexican counterparts who are interested to participate in developing knowledge and practice of medicinal cannabis and to create a Mexican pharmaceutical industry based on cannabis.”

About CannabiSalud:

The conference consisted of various lectures, meet-ups, panels, and discussions, that covered different topics, including the history of cannabis, types of products, genomics, regulation, the endocannabinoid system, research and even aspects of plant chemistry and its role in human medical treatments.

Most of the discussions were focused on the positive impact of medical cannabis in treating diseases such as cancer, autism, chronic pain, epilepsy, psychosis and a wide variety of other chronic conditions.

Mexico’s Cannabis History

Mexico has a long history in the cannabis market. This country is involved in the illegal production of cannabis and has had a more negative reputation in the case of marijuana consumption. As Mexico is in the process of regulating cannabis research, and they’ve already legalized medical marijuana, CannabiSalud enables individuals to obtain knowledge about cannabis, and its positive impact on a person’s health.

CannaMexico 2019

CannaMexico is the second largest Cannabis Conference that takes place in Mexico. It’s an International Summit focused on showing the potential of the Cannabis industry in Mexico. The main goal of the conference is to provide information on legal regulations, market opportunities, medical advances, innovation, and wellness, according to the official website.

Here are the presentation and the main focus of the CannaMexico World Summit 2019.

Here are the presentation and the main focus of the CannaMexico World Summit 2019.

Mexico Legalizes Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes

In December 2016, the Mexican Senate approved the legalization of the use of marijuana for medical purposes. President Enrique Peña Nieto, who had previously declared his negative attitude towards the legalization of marijuana, then spoke in favor of the possibility of its legalization for medical purposes. Today, Mexico is one of the pro-marijuana legalization countries in the world arena.

The Supreme Court of Mexico considered two lawsuits from citizens of the country and recognized as legal the use of marijuana for recreational purposes (that is, for recreation and entertainment). Now the country can offer legislation to legalize cannabis.

Reducing Crime via Legal Cannabis

However, medical treatment is not the main reason for the positive movement toward marijuana. Another significant reason is a long-lasting battle with the illegal cannabis market in Mexico. The Mexican authorities plan to raise $100 million through the sale of cannabis. 

In addition, marijuana legalization is expected to help reduce crime rates in the country by removing part of the drug trafficking from the shadows.

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