In the nearest future, three political forces will form the ruling coalition in Luxembourg. They are the Liberal Democratic Party, the Luxembourg Social Workers Party, and the Greens Party. The representatives of these parties agreed on steps to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes. And this includes making legal the production, acquisition, storage, and use of marijuana by adults to relieve stress.

Marijuana smokers claim that it helps relieve pain and suppress nausea – the two main side effects of chemotherapy in cancer cases. In small doses, it can even serve as a sedative. However, too large doses may, on the contrary, cause anxiety and paranoia. Stress is the growth of anxiety and fear, and marijuana helps to relax and soothe. Surely, it is very important to use it following doctors’ permissions. In some cases, marijuana replaces traditional medical pain relief medicaments, but marijuana is a natural pain and stress relief medicament.

Remarkably, the profits from the sale of a drug must be invested in the fight against drug addiction. Such is the demand of the government. It is expected that the new initiative will be worked out in detail and fully framed until the next election, which will be held in 2023.

Earlier, Canada became the first country of the “Big Seven”, where marijuana was legalized nationwide. According to experts, in the near future, a market of several billion dollars will appear in the country.

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