March for the Legalization of Marijuana

If in the past we could witness demonstrations against marijuana, or at least we didn’t support the movement for legalization of marijuana. Today marches for marijuana became something common. Even trendy, some supporters wear clothing or accessories with cannabis, and one of them is Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, who wear socks with cannabis.

Back to demonstrations for the legalization of marijuana. When has it all started?

Marijuana ‘For’ movement has started with a “hipster” era, but the main reason is different medical researches that claim marijuana has a positive effect on health in the right amounts and replaces various medical treatments like pain relief pills or so. The main advantage of marijuana – it is a natural plant.

Marches for the legalization of marijuana spread in 2011. During this year, crowded demonstrations were held in various parts of the world as part of the annual global Global Marijuana March. These demonstrations have been taking place all over the world for many years at the beginning of May. However, in some countries like Russia, the marches were not approved by the government.

In Western Europe, marijuana comes mainly from Morocco and the countries of South-West Asia. However, the Europeans themselves are engaged in its cultivation. In Germany, in 2008 was discovered over 500 sites of illicit cultivation of cannabis, including in small greenhouses. In Eastern Europe, according to experts of the International Narcotics Control Board Commission (, cannabis is not as popular.

In Germany, the demonstrations for the legalization of marijuana took place in 21, back 2011 year. Following different demonstrations with the same slogans in Austria and Switzerland. The Europeans supported the traditional campaign for marijuana “Global March for Marijuana”. During these marches, the participants have carried the banners “Health instead of criminal prosecution” and “Legalization is in the air”. It is evident that these marches are becoming mainstream, and represent the opinion of the modern generation in relation to marijuana use.

Even despite Canada was first in the western world which legalized marijuana, its supporters still not satisfied. According to, 4-20, has marked as the international day to protest against marijuana prohibition. However, Jennawae Mclean, of local headshop 420 Kingston, says these changes are not what they wanted.

“The Liberals have lied to us. This is not legalization, this is de-criminalization to a point and criminalization after that,” Mclean said. “This will not be the last 4-20, there will always be 4-20 protests as long as the legalization is not correct,” she added.

Seems like everything becomes serious, and Global Marijuana March is not going to disappear in the nearest future. It is evident that not only medical researches but people and consumers are demanding legalization of cannabis. Global Marijuana March is more a march for freedom. Does it mean that marijuana is a new symbol of liberalization? I think the answer is closer to ‘Yes’.

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