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Must-Have Cannabis Accessories For 2021

As federal legalization continues to look more inevitable, getting your cannabis delivered isn’t feeling so “alien” anymore. With access to our favorite wellness products, it’s only apparent that we’re going to want to experiment with and implement the best tools and accessories to upgrade our experiences. 

With the holidays on the horizon, you might be looking out for a cannabis-inspired gift for yourself of a fellow smoker in your life. With all the options out there, choosing can be a little tough ― luckily, we’ve got you covered with some fantastic options that caught our eye. 

Cannabis Vaping Accessories:

PAX 3 Vaporizer

Starting it off right with a heavy hitter, the PAX product line of premium vaporizers are discrete enough to get you through visiting family as well as packing enough of a smooth punch that you won’t feel the need to bring along papers, bowls, or one-hitters on the road. 

The PAX 3 is a ‘one-stop-shop’ vaporizer with the ability to load flower and concentrates, and lets you get the most out of what you’re smoking by taking out all the byproducts of combustion. 

Arizer ArGo: The Ultimate Portable Vaporizer

Among all the other great products Arizer has to offer, their new ArGo portable vaporizer continues to set the bar high for hand-held vaporizers. Being in the game for 14 years, Arizer has learned a thing or two about creating a product packed full of features, that’s also easy to use and clean. 

Arizer carefully sources high-quality products that are built to last, and meet ISO standards and expectations ensuring you’re getting a great product. 

Cannabis Flower Accessories: Grinders

SLX Herb Grinder 

Next, smoking flower without a grinder is like trying to prepare a smoothie without a blender ― so why not invest in a good blender? SLX prides themselves on fitting their grinders with a ceramic coating so your herb doesn’t stick and nothing is lost in the grinding process. 

Any three-piece grinder is ideal for a fellow cannabis lover, but having four levels with the SLX is a game-changer. Aside from giving an effortless grind for your material on top of a filtered pollen collector, these grinders break the herb down properly and keep everything intact so you’re ready for any joint, bowl, or blunt.  

VSyndicate Portable Grinder Cards

If traveling around with a grinder isn’t your thing, a grinder card is a great option to keep tucked away in your wallet or purse. Grinder cards give a more hands-on solution to breaking down your cannabis efficiently. VSyndicate offers a plethora of great, nonstick card designs so you can enjoy everything from vacations to festivals without the hassle of a bulky grinder.    

Phoenician Herb Grinder

Lastly, we also wanted to give an honorable mention to Phoenician grinders. They were engineered without a cross-thread, making it easy for medical patients and recreational smokers alike to easily access and tighten their stored herb with a simple twist. 

Cannabis Flower Accessories: Ashtrays & Pokers

Original Debowler Cleaning Ashtray

The OG bowl cleaning ashtray is one of the most underrated accessories we’ve got on our list. Made for cannabis consumers, by cannabis consumers, the debowler was made to be simple and effective.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, these ashtrays have a little poker that sticks out from the middle. This is a perfect tool for cleaning your bowl, which lets everything fall right into the tray, leaving no mess. With different sizes, colors, and designs, the debowler is a perfect option for keeping your gear ash-free.

Toker Poker

Cannabis convenience doesn’t get much better than this. One of the most helpful cannabis accessories on the market and the creators know it. Raved about on the Hemp Connoisseur, this multi-tool and lighter comes equipped with a stainless steel poker and tamper for easy packing and mixing, to save your fingers from getting sticky. 

These accessories come in a variety of colors and designs so no matter what you’re looking for, there’s a Toker Poker to fit your style.   

For the Cannabis Gourmand: 

LĒVO II – Herbal Oil & Butter Infusion Machine

Not a big smoker? No worries, we’ve got you covered with another impressive tool to add to your kitchen. Tested and loved by Good Housekeeping, this butter and oil infuser aims to give you more flavor to your edible kitchen creations. 

LĒVO “elevates” your cooking or infusion experiences by fully automating the process of drying, activating, and infusing. Whether you’re into gummies, brownies, cookies, or sauces, you can’t go wrong with this infuser

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