We have talked already about the positive impact of medical marijuana in healthcare. But, did you know that hemp is used in so many different ways?

In recent time, the Internet is full of posts on how you can effectively use marijuana in food, cosmetics, clothing, and so on. We would like to highlight just some areas/products where marijuana is a core ingredient.

Difference Between Marijuana & Hemp

Marijuana and hemp are completely different in its function, cultivation, and use. Hemp is used in a variety of other applications that marijuana isn’t used in like, dietary supplements, skin products, clothing, and accessories. There are over 25,000 uses for hemp and this 2018 study, Hemp as an Agricultural Commodity.

Check out this video by Charlotte’s Web CBD that clarifies some common points of confusion between hemp and marijuana.

Other Uses for this Cannabis Plant Family


Hemp is a natural ingredient, and as you can use it in cosmetics, beauty products that include hemp are natural to make up products. It is because of the high content of vitamin A, C, and E that hemp oil includes. Hemp is also rich in amino acids, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants. Thanks to these nutrients, hemp provides a number of benefits for our skin. Hemp oil can reduce wrinkles, slow down aging, and also clean pores. And, we highlighted just some of its benefits.


Again, hemp oil with a high content of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids is effective for nourishing hair. As it is rich in vitamin E, hemp prevents hair loss by stimulating capillaries to improve blood flow.


Thanks to hemp, you can get the most wearable jeans in the world, and no need to pay a lot of money. Imagine jeans that would be so durable that you could wear them for years. These ‘hemp jeans’ would not only become more comfortable with every wash, but they would also be waterproof and would not absorb odors. Recently, some large clothing manufacturers, like Patagonia, have released lines of clothing from hemp.


Hemp can be used in the production of sneakers thanks to durable hemp fiber, which is an ideal material for sneakers. Hemp sneakers are comfortable, ‘breathable’, even when the temperature rises.


Chocolate is one of the food products, where hemp seeds can be used. In Amsterdam, for example, you definitely can find marijuana chocolates. And, these chocolates are not only tasty but actually healthy.


Depending on the processing of hemp, you can produce two different types of fuel – biodiesel hemp fuel and hemp ethanol/methanol.
Hemp is the most economical and environmentally friendly raw material for fuel.


Cosmetic concrete (a mixture of lime, hemp, and water) makes hemp stabile and costless material, at the same time provides better insulation and reduces construction costs, since it is made from the waste of cinder production. See this National Geographic video about building a house with hemp. In addition to the costs, this is also a building material with a negative carbon footprint.


Hemp is used for most paper products, and it is one of the best raw material for paper. Given that only 30% of the tree has fiber, and the remaining 70% must be removed in order to produce paper.


Following the usage of hemp in paper production, hemp seed oil is an excellent option for painting porous surfaces such as raw wood. It is quickly absorbed into the surface; hemp oil creates a durable coating. Thanks to hemp, it dries quickly, making it ideal for paints and varnishes.

And, this is not the full list of how we can use hemp in different ways. So, but only medicine, but construction, food, fashion, and even art needs hemp!

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