Medical Marijuana: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Cannabis to Treat Chronic Ailments

Whether you are suffering from chronic pain, depression, ADHD, or a host of other issues, Greenery Map can help you find the best medical marijuana strain for your needs.

Now legal in nearly 40 states, medical marijuana is changing the way that we manage our health. As a population, we have become more aware of what we are putting in our bodies, so the demand for natural medicine is higher than ever. Thus, more people are turning to cannabis than ever before.

With a growing population of marijuana users, the need for cannabis education increases, too. Enter Greenery Map, your one-stop-shop for cannabis information. Greenery Map was created to help bridge the gap between consumers and cannabis knowledge.

In just a few simple steps, app users can find the best strains to treat their symptoms. Once a strain is selected, key information on uses and potential negative effects is presented. Then, users connected with nearby dispensaries that carry the product they need.

Watch this video to see how Greenery Map helped one patient find the best strain to manage his Parkinson’s Disease.