Thailand Legalizes Medical Marijuana

On December 25, at a special session, the Thai Parliament passed a law authorizing the production, use, and storage of marijuana for medical purposes.

Thai law, if signed by the king, will make the kingdom the first country in Southeast Asia, where the use of cannabis for pain relief and for other medical purposes will be completely legal.

Medical marijuana has been used in the country since the 1930s. But at the same time, tough anti-drug legislation was in effect in the country at the end of the 70s. Recreational use and sale of marijuana in Thailand, as in all countries of Southeast Asia, is prohibited and punished by long prison terms, as well as the importation of drugs into the country. This rule will continue to operate further: relief will affect only drugs prescribed by the doctor. The head of the parliamentary committee on legislation, Somchay Savangkarn, explained in an interview with national television that the adopted law is “a New Year’s gift from parliament to the government and the entire Thai people.”

Thai activists insist that legalization be continued and recreational use of marijuana also be unpunished. But the parliament has not yet considered such a law.

Medical marijuana is legal in many countries around the world. The sale of cannabis for recreational purposes at the federal level is still allowed only in Uruguay and Canada. However, more countries conduct marches for the legalization of marijuana, and 4-20 date became a Global Marijuana March.

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