Thanksgiving is a time for connection, being thankful, and spending time with loved ones. But, let’s face it – when it comes to holidays, stress tends to be right around the corner. Here are a few strains that will ensure your holiday goes as planned, allow you to comfortably socialize with friends/family, and unwind with your feet up and pants unbuttoned after the big meal is complete. If you have tried these strains and are looking for something new, visit our app to choose your mood! It will suggest custom strains for you based on the mood you are hoping to achieve – now available in the Apple Store and Google Play.

3 Kings

The food has been purchased and prepped, but now it’s time to actually cook! We suggest you try using the Sativa-dominant strain, 3 Kings, to kick off your day. It is known for providing an energetic/focused boost that is sure to help you juggle many things at once. It is also great for relieving stress and inflammation, so get going! Dinner won’t cook itself!


You’ve all taken your seats and started eating, but now what? If you said “socialize!”, then the Sativa-dominant strain ACDC may be perfect for you. This strain has minimal psychoactive effects, but may provide a focused, energized social experience. It may also relieve symptoms of chronic pain and eliminate feelings of anxiety, which are all too often associated with family gatherings. 

3X Crazy

By now, you may have changed into your comfy clothes, or at least made an attempt to get more comfortable after the big feast! Leftovers may be put away, but you can’t stop eyeballing the desserts laid out before you. The Indica-dominant strain called 3X Crazy is a perfect way to get the munchies. This strain will give you just enough strength to fill another plate with sweets and get snuggled in for the evening. It is also reported to treat insomnia and spasms, which will hopefully provide for an all around relaxing experience to end your busy day.

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