Why Should You Invest in the Greenery Map App?

Why Should You Invest in the Greenery Map App?

Our team at Greenery Map would like to welcome you to this exciting new “Green” age of cannabis wellness! As the United States and other major countries throughout the world awaken to the incredible possibilities of cannabis-based alternative self-care, it is becoming more difficult for the modern cannabis/hemp consumer to sift through the many facets of this exponentially expanding industry.

But not to worry, Greenery Map is here to provide you with the necessary guidance in order for you to have success in finding the right cannabis products for you. Our services are designed in a way that brings wellness potential directly to your fingertips. 

Keep reading as we detail what Greenery Map is, introduce you to our founder, and provide some compelling reasons as to why you should invest in our company.

What is Greenery Map?

Firstly, you might be wondering, “What exactly is Greenery Map?” – We are a groundbreaking  internet search tool allowing consumers to refine their cannabis product search by using moods, specific effects, and particular locations. With our dispensary finder app, cannabis users are prompted with our slogan, “Don’t Be Confused, Choose Your Mood,” providing them with greater control over their specific needs. 

Who is Greenery Map’s Founder?

Next, let’s introduce you to our founder, Dan Ishaki. A longtime web developer and successful entrepreneur, he is also a decades-long cannabis-curious connoisseur  who was interested in finding the best cannabis strains/cultivars to fit his and his family’s wellness needs, yet having to research through thousands of strains seemed extremely daunting; there had to be another way! And thus, the idea for Greenery Map originated. 

What is Reg A+?

Another great thing about Greenery Map is that our company is available for Reg A+ investment opportunities. According to IPOhub

Regulation A+ offerings (“Reg A+ offerings”), also called mini-IPOs, are exempted from many of the registration requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Companies that undergo a Reg A+ offering can raise capital from both accredited and non-accredited investors with much smaller fees than a traditional IPO. 

These mini-IPOs (which exhibit many similarities to crowdfunding) are very new in the markets but show great potential as an alternative form of equity financing for small- to mid-size growth-stage companies. They give unprecedented access to both Main Street and Wall Street investors.

In other words, this means that anyone can invest in Greenery Map, but specifically, Reg A+ is catered towards the average American investor. (We will cover Reg A+ in more detail throughout our upcoming blogs, so stay tuned!) 

Reasons to Invest in the Greenery Map Dispensary Finder App

Finally, now that we’ve talked about the basics of what makes our brand so great, let’s cover just some of the reasons why you should invest in Greenery Map:

  • We give cannabis consumers the proper tools to be able to choose their mood and the medicinal benefits for which they’re searching.
  • Doctors have given us positive feedback in regards to the usefulness of the Greenery Map app in helping users to better understand the correlation between certain strains and certain symptoms.
  • We seek to educate people on every aspect of cannabis so that they will understand the differences of each strain.
  • We give dispensaries the power to control their own data and manage their own inventory.
  • We have built a marketplace for all products related to cannabis, which every cannabis business can search all in one place.
  • As we mentioned above – anyone can invest in Greenery Map!
  • In contrast to most companies involved in crowdfunding, Greenery Map is qualified by the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) — which means you can rest assured that your investment is protected. 

To invest in Greenery Map, or to access more information about what we do, please be sure to visit our Investor Page, here.
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