Transform the Cannabis Industry with Greenery Map

Launched in 2018 and headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Greenery Map gives cannabis consumers the quickest and easiest roadmap to finding their perfect strain. Instead of searching through databases filled with thousands of strains, Greenery Map gives users the power to dictate and find exactly what they are looking for. 

By inputting their preferred consumption method, desired mood, and medicinal needs into the search engine, anyone from the novice to the connoisseur can find the cannabis strain that perfectly suits them, as well as the dispensaries that carry that particular strain, all in one convenient place.

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What is Greenery Map?

Greenery Map is changing the way people use and purchase cannabis. By allowing users to search for the products they need based on their desired effects and preferred methods of consumption, we’re taking all the guesswork out of the process. 

With Greenery Map, an encyclopedia full of cannabis knowledge is in your hands. Use it to choose the right strains and products for you and easily find them at a local dispensary — and you can even place an order directly from our App/Site with a credit or debit card.

Solving Cannabis Industry Problems

We realized that no one was providing consumers with a convenient App/Site where they could find cannabis products to match their desired moods and symptoms, while also functioning as a one-stop-shop where they can make online purchases and track their orders. Consequently, the idea for Greenery Map was born.

How Does Greenery Map Work?

It’s a simple process: Greenery Map is the most comprehensive encyclopedia of cannabis because we’ve already done the work to gather and place information from experts on over 10,000 cannabis strains and products. 

Each cannabis strain and the product is listed with general information, positive effects, negative effects, and medicinal benefits that it may provide. Consumers have the ability to search for strains by name, or they can search for a specific strain based on the mood and effects they want to achieve.

Choose Your Mood

Prior to Greenery Map’s development, there was no easy way for cannabis users to choose the right products for them, besides through expensive and time-consuming trial and error. With over 10,000 different strains and products out there, we’re here to take all the guesswork out of the cannabis research and purchasing process.

Our Choose Your Mood feature is the industry’s first cannabis search engine that allows users to look for cannabis products based on the specific mood or medicinal effect they are trying to achieve.

over 10,000


over 3,700


Greenery Map: Our Vision & Goals

Our vision is to be a global leader in the cannabis sector, ultimately expanding our database to include international dispensaries and CBD stores. We aspire to be the only resource consumers turn to if they wish to learn about and purchase cannabis products. 

We aspire to be the world’s largest cannabis encyclopedia and search engine. We see ourselves becoming the top authority on cannabis and the first source for cannabis products available to in-need consumers from all over the planet.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our encyclopedia-level cannabis knowledge base, our one-of-a-kind mood and effects based cannabis search platform, and our ability to accept consumer payments via credit and debit cards. It’s that simple. We are different from every cannabis app and website on the market today, and we will continue to house the largest pool of cannabis knowledge well into the future.

Why Should You Invest in Greenery Map?

Because we are changing the way people learn about and purchase cannabis products while making a massive impact on the health and wellbeing of cannabis users. We are innovative, necessary, and making a difference for consumers all over the world. 

We’ve taken an emerging market by storm just as it is beginning to ‘boom,’ and we will continue to grow, change, and provide more and more cannabis information as the legal cannabis industry develops.


Greenery Map is offering 2,597,403 of its shares of common stock at a price of $3.85 with a minimum purchase of $400.

Dan Ishaki

Dan Ishaki has been a web developer since 1997, and was involved with Government Security. From 2014 Dan developed and worked in iCloud Security. His recent development experience is with a revolutionary project related to legal cannabis products for medical purposes: the Greenery Map App/Site. In the 1980’s, Ishaki and his family moved to the US, where he was a 50% partner in a company called Gino Bellini that partnered with a clothing company called Sergio Valenta whose sales in 1982 totaled over $280 million. By 1983, Ishaki sold his share of the company and returned to Israel, but continued his involvement with a real estate and construction firm in Florida. From 1986 to 1997, he also started building commercial and residential properties. One of his notable achievements was the establishment of the “Down Town Center” mall, which was valued to be $67 million in 1991, but only cost $16 million to build.

Carlos Mejia

Carlos is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He’s left his mark in multiple companies, some of them are Fortune 500 companies where he’s lead teams of 30+ people that built their websites, internal and mobile applications, e-commerce sites, etc.. Coincidentally, he started his career in Miami but only met Dan once he moved to Las Vegas in 2017 when he was offered a job at a major casino as a Sr. Software Engineer.

Michael Goffinet
Chief Financial Officer

After earning his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Michael started his career with Ernst & Young. After three-years in public accounting, Michael went to work for a chain of hospitals, where he was promoted to Chief Financial Officer of a $100 million division. The company was acquired and Michael went back into public accounting as a Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he focused on mergers and acquisitions, turnarounds, and initial public offerings. From there, he accepted a position with Sierra Health Services, Inc., a $2.5 billion public managed care company. He served as their Chief Audit Officer before accepting a position as their Corporate Controller. Sierra was eventually acquired by United Healthcare, and Michael was promoted to Vice President of Operations, managing over 250 employees. He retired from United Healthcare because he missed the small company energy.

Dmitry Shvaher
Head of development

Dmitry is a graduated software developer with almost 10 years of experience in the software development industry. His expertise varies from mobile app development to business analytics; he gained his skills working for worldwide companies as a web developer, mobile app developer, project manager and eventually as a founder of his own service software development company. Dmitry joined Greenery Map in 2017 as a co-founder of Rovetek, a US software development company focused on Healthcare and FinTech industries. Since then Dmitry has been managing all software development processes for Greenery Map.

Tara Randolph
Marketing Coordinator

Tara Randolph earned her Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University and her Master’s degree from the University of South Carolina. For five years, she’s been helping small businesses and nonprofits reach their audiences and drive sales/donations by building brand voices that people connect with. Her marketing philosophy is based on the idea that people connect with people, so humanizing a brand and bringing it to life is the best way to form true, lasting, authentic, relationships with customers. When she’s not working on content and strategy, you can find her in the mountains hiking with her dog.

Kenny Lacroix
Executive BDM / CX

Kenny has proven experience as a professional manager with 15 + years in casino operations and hospitality. The true backbone of his career has been in developing an exceptional 5-star guest experience and delivering it to his clients. His passion to create this white-glove experience has been executed and groomed with his Forbes training and expertise at 5-star resorts and casinos. While making genuine one-on-one connections, he also feels it is vital to be at the face of any conflict or project roadblock in order to add true value to any company. Ultimately, Kenny leads with a proven ability to establish and develop positive customer relations through immediate follow up, and exceptional service resulting in strong customer satisfaction and client retention. He believes in being able to effectively reason with anyone, whether that be a customer, business, or employee. His years in casino operations has given him the skills needed to conduct strategic recruitment, team building, and a positive mindset that makes a company successful.

Eran Levi
Executive Sales Development Representative

Eran Levi joins our team from Los Angeles. He has over 20 years of experience in marketing and sales in the United States, both in the technology sector and non-tech related industries. He has an excellent track record of success.

Douglas K. Gordon
Consultant & Advisory Board Member

Douglas has a plethora of experience in global markets and leading publicly-held companies to success. Currently, Douglas is serving as the CEO of Silo Wellness, a company who supports the reduction of trauma and increased performance through psychedelic, time tested natural medicines. No stranger to the worlds of natural plant-based medicine, in 2016, he founded CanEx Jamaica – the premier Cannabis Business Conference & Expo that takes place in the Caribbean. The conference celebrated 4 years in 2019 with 2500 attendees from 37 countries and over 100 speakers, including keynotes from some of the top industry leaders across the globe. He is a visionary leader with a natural ability to look beyond the clutter and inspire others towards long term goals.

Who We Are

November 2018

Greenery Map launches in the United States.

Greenery Map becomes the first cannabis industry company to pioneer credit card transactions.

August 2019

October 2019

We were featured on Fox 5 Las Vegas

Greenery Map launches delivery platform and partners with dispensaries across the country to make cannabis sales through the platform.

March 2021

April 2021

Greenery Map goes public and begins Reg A funding.

November 2018

Greenery Map launches in the United States.

August 2019

Greenery Map becomes the first cannabis industry company to pioneer credit card transactions.

October 2019

We were featured on Fox 5 Las Vegas

March 2021

Greenery Map launches delivery platform and partners with dispensaries across the country to make cannabis sales through the platform.

April 2021

Greenery Map goes public and begins Reg A funding.


Reg A is an exemption from the registration requirements, allowing companies to offer and sell their securities without having to register the offering with the SEC. Companies relying on a Regulation A exemption can offer and sell their securities to the public under two different tiers that have two different requirements—up to $20M under Tier 1 and up to $75M under Tier 2. We are undertaking a Tier 2 offering for up to $10M USD.

Yes, if you have a self-directed IRA, a revocable trust that you are the trustee for, or are the owner/manager of an LLC or in a position to direct a corporation’s monies, you can file your Subscription Agreement with us directly as your entity and name it as the investor and invest through it. Please remember to disclose the entity’s net assets and annual revenues, as well as all other Title III investments made in the last 12 months here.

Reg A offerings securities are federally unrestricted and can be sold immediately after purchase. They are deemed freely tradable shares. However, these securities may be difficult to sell, and wide-ranging price fluctuations are common. There may be state laws that affect the merchantability of the securities. Investing in these securities tends to be longer-term investments.

A non-accredited investor can only invest a maximum of 10% of their annual income or 10% of their net worth per offering, whichever is greater. There are no restrictions for accredited investors — See the “What is an accredited investor?” FAQ below.

An accredited investor under U.S. standard is any investor meeting criteria determined by the SEC.


An individual accredited investor is someone that has:

A net worth in excess of $1,000,000, not including your primary residence; or

historic and expected income of over $200,000 (or $300,000 for couples) in a calendar year.


An accredited investor as an entity is:

Any trust with total assets worth more than $5,000,000, not formed for the specific purpose of acquiring the securities offered, whose purchase is directed by a sophisticated person; or any entity in which all of the equity owners are individual accredited investors.  


Under SEC Rule 501, those qualifying as “accredited investors” may invest in deals not available to unaccredited investors — those who don’t meet the above criteria — as long as they can show documented proof towards their accreditation if prompted or audited.


Our Deal is open to all with some amount limitations for non-accredited investors.

Only ACH or Wire (to be provided once the Offering Is Qualified by the SEC).

No, commitments are non-revocable.

We simply need to be able to verify each investor’s identity. This is not just helpful for Greenery Map (imagine trying to issue shares to someone who doesn’t exist) it is also required under U.S. federal law to prevent terrorist financing and money laundering. From time to time, you may be prompted to provide your SSN, ID, or Passport (and if you are investing as an entity, relevant documents for your entity) to complete an investment. Which of these is asked for will depend on, and is specific, to your situation. We collect this data to verify who you are and to make sure you are not on a list that would prevent Greenery Map from doing business with you.


When we collect your personal identifying information, we do not resale it. If your documents and numbers are cleared, there will be no further action required, if something isn’t right, we will reach out and help you fix it. We want everyone to be able to invest with Greenery Map, however, failure to provide requested documents or information will result in your investment commitment being canceled.

For U.S. individuals:

Any government-issued photo ID, including:

Driver’s license


For foreign individuals:


For address verification:

A scan of a mail item, bank statement, or utility bill

Dated within the last 90 days

Showing your name and your full address, as it appears in your investor profile to match the information provided in the subscription agreement.

The following information is based on our understanding of how some investors will be taxed on commonly used investment instruments.  Greenery Map Inc prepares its own security instrument for fundraising.  As an investor purchasing these shares you would be taxed if there is a capital gain, and we encourage you to discuss any tax questions with your tax, legal, accounting, and other financial advisers.  The great majority of investments in seed-stage and early-stage companies result in complete losses for the investor, so tax losses may be expected on your investment.

To print an offering (deal) page, use your browser’s print function (Cmd+P on Mac, Ctrl+P on Windows).

When you invest with us, you are not automatically enrolled and approved, Greenery Map will review your information your payment, and your subscription agreement being duly executed before sending you a confirmation and acceptance. Every $100,000 tranche raised the Company conducts a roll-up closing. Once it is completed you will receive a confirmation that you were enrolled and became a shareholder, thereafter the independent Transfer Agent VStock will issue you the stock certificate which will be freely tradable without a restrictive legend.

Our Reg A is required to file annual and semiannual reports, along with periodic material updates, with the SEC until certain thresholds are met to discontinue reporting. So yes!

No, there is no citizenship requirement to invest, and Greenery Map is open to anyone over 18. Nonetheless, it reserves the right to accept or reject any investor for any reason.

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